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Presentation09ThomasBoys 450pixOur Night of Stars

Team awards

First Eleven

First Eleven Batting Award 2008/09
Arosha Perera 573 runs @ 52.09
First Eleven Bowling Award 2008/09 Rajan Aiyappan 31 wickets @ 13.68
First Eleven Fielding Award 2008/09 Geoff McKeown 37 points

Pictured at right are (L-R) Ben Thomas, Women's Black captain Tien Ha, Matt Thomas and Jemima Downie.

Presentation09JamesCMuz 330pixSecond Eleven

Second Eleven Batting Award 2008/09 Pat Felmingham 416 runs @ 52.00
Second Eleven Bowling Award 2008/09 Dean Jukic 20 wickets @ 8.10
Second Eleven Fielding Award 2008/09 Robbie Ball 35 points

Third Eleven

Third Eleven Batting Award 2008/09 Sandro Capocchi 239 runs @ 47.80
Third Eleven Bowling Award 2008/09 John O’Brien 24 wickets @ 12.13
Third Eleven Fielding Award 2008/09 Peter Golding 24 points

At right are young guns James Clarke (left) and Murray Walker - who have both been honored by our Club by having junior trophies named after them.

Fourth Eleven

Fourth Eleven Batting Award 2008/09 Justin Willee 206 runs @ 34.33
Fourth Eleven Bowling Award 2008/09 Kevin Gardiner 16 wickets @ 17.06
Fourth Eleven Fielding Award 2008/09 Justin Willee 19 points

Presentation09WomenTeam 450pixFifth Eleven

Fifth Eleven Batting Award 2008/09 Simon Payton 292 runs @ 32.44
Fifth Eleven Fielding Award 2008/09 Luke Malone 23 points

Sixth Eleven

Sixth Eleven Batting Award 2008/09 Alan Harry 321 runs @ 45.86
Sixth Eleven Bowling Award 2008/09 Mark Madden 15 wickets @ 16.07
Sixth Eleven Fielding Award 2008/09 Steven Ball 35 points

Women's Team table: Clockwise from front - Victoria Thorneycroft, Natalie Waites, Nicole McLachlan, Bec Fitzgerald, Vicki Moore, Ros Brelis, Kim Johnston and Sally and Bill Wilson.

Below - Raj Aiyappan with his Club Champion award.

PresentationJR09-AiyappanRaj 260pixSeventh Eleven

Seventh Eleven Batting Award 2008/09 George Loh 267 runs @ 22.25
Seventh Eleven Fielding Award 2008/09 Tom Aitken 21 points

Eighth Eleven

Eighth Eleven Fielding Award 2008/09 Peter Bonfa 16 points

Ninth Eleven

Ninth Eleven Fielding Award 2008/09 Mitchell O’Meara 15 points

Tenth Eleven

Tenth Eleven Batting Award 2008/09
Glenn Perussich 194 runs @ 21.60
Tenth Eleven Fielding Award 2008/09 Dave Hutchison 17 points

Women's Black

Women’s Black Batting Award 2008/09 Kim Johnston 159 runs @ 15.36
Women’s Black Bowling Award 2008/09 Sam Lawson 11 wickets @ 25.09
Women’s Black Fielding Award 2008/09 Natalie Waites 21 points

PresentationJR09-BallSteven 270pixWomen's White

Women’s White Batting Award 2008/09 Sam Marr 372 runs @ 33.82
Women’s White Bowling Award 2008/09 Nicole McLachlan 15 wickets @ 16.53
Women's White Fielding Award 2008/09 Clare Ardern 47 points

ResCom Most Improved Player Award

Coach's Vote Award
Chris Micallef

Club Champion Award

Best Player in First Eleven
Rajan Aiyappan 974 points (pictured above)

Moonee Valley Award

Best Player - All Other Grades
Pat Felmingham 762.5 points

Pictured at right is Steven Ball with his Sixth Eleven fielding trophy.

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April 19, 2009
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