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Our Premiership plaques were on display

Presentation0910-PremiershipPlaques 450pix
Our full list of 2009/10 trophy and award winners is:

Lindsay Jones Memorial Award In Memory of a True & Respected Club Person: Tony Sherer

Life Membership: Jim Polonidis

Club Champion 2009/10: Rajan Aiyappan 879 points

Moonee Valley Award 2009/10. Best Player – all other grades: Lou Raffaele 763 points

ResCom Most Improved Player Award: Coach’s Award 2009/10: James Thorneycroft

Club President Charlie Walker holds the First and Second Eleven Premiership plaques - presented to him on presentation night by our winning captains, Mark Gauci and Lou Raffaele.

Batting awards

Presentation0910-AiyappanTrophies 380pixFirst Eleven Batting Award: Rajan Aiyappan 420 Runs & 38.2
Second Eleven Batting Award: Lou Raffaele 325 Runs @ 32.5
Third Eleven Batting Award: George Pearson 230 Runs @ 57.5
Fourth Eleven Batting Award: Brett Curran 193 Runs @ 64.3
Fifth Eleven Batting Award: Tom King 258 Runs @ 36.9
Seventh Eleven Batting Award: Rahul Sunny Sharma 343 Runs @ 42.9
Tenth Eleven Batting Award: Dave Hutchison 387 Runs @ 32.3
Women’s Black Eleven Batting Award: Tien Ha 90 Runs @ 9.0
Women’s White Eleven Batting Award: Natalie Waites 127 Runs @ 31.8

Raj Aiyappan (right) shows off all his trophies - his Premiership Medallion, his VTCA Team of the Year medallion, his MVCC Club Champion Shield, his First Eleven batting and bowling awards, his hundredth wicket, his century, his 1000 runs for the Club, and his Premiership trophy.

Bowling awards

First Eleven Bowling Award: Rajan Aiyappan 25 Wickets @ 10.5Presentation0910-Raffaeles 350pix
Second Eleven Bowling Award: Simon Thornton 20 Wickets @ 11.4
Third Eleven Bowling Award: George Loh 15 Wickets @ 11.8
Fourth Eleven Bowling Award: Norm Wright 17 Wickets @ 17.2
Fifth Eleven Bowling Award: Peter Smith 23 Wickets @ 20.8
Sixth Eleven Bowling Award: James Thorneycroft 19 Wickets & 19.7
Seventh Eleven Bowling Award: Greg Nicol 19 Wickets @ 14.8
Tenth Eleven Bowling Award: Glenn Perussich 14 Wickets @ 13.0
Women’s Black Eleven Bowling Award: Tien Ha 12 Wickets @ 25.5
Women’s White Eleven Bowling Award: Tracy Armstrong 5 Wickets @ 15.4

At right: Coach and Second Eleven captain Lou Raffaele with
wife Rosie and his Moonee Valley award - for points for all grades
other than the Firsts.

Fielding Awards

First Eleven Fielding Award: Geoff Mckeown 25 Points
Second Eleven Fielding Award: Peter Golding 15 Points
Third Eleven Fielding Award: Channa Desilva 18 Points
Fourth Eleven Fielding Award: Alan Harry 25 Points
Fifth Eleven Fielding Award: John Talone 19 Points
Sixth Eleven Fielding Award: Phill King 21 Points
Seventh Eleven Fielding Award: Luke Marinelli 41 PointsPresentation0910-TalonesGleeson 400pix
Ninth Eleven Fielding Award: Paul Comino 15 Votes
Tenth Eleven Fielding Award: Daniel Gorham
Women’s Black Eleven Fielding Award: Tien Ha 30 Points
Women’s White Eleven Fielding Award: Elizabeth Marr 22 Points

An illustrious table: L-R: Jodie and John Talone, Darren Nagle, Kevin Gardiner, Kim Simmons, Tony Gleeson and Nicole McLachlan.

Player of the finals

Player Of The Finals First Eleven Premiership Arosha Perera
Player Of The Finals Second Eleven Premiership Joshua Maginness
Player Of The Finals Third Eleven George PearsonPresentation0910-PolonidisJukic 300pix
Player Of The Finals Fourth Eleven Mark Madden

VTCA North A1 Team of the Year

Rajan Aiyappan
Arosha Perera
Geoff McKeown

At right - new Life Member Jim Polonidis, wearing his medallion,
gets a hug from great mate and Premiership team-mate
Dean Jukic.

For more photos and more trophy winner details, click HERE


April 20, 2010
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