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Helping us focus on the future


Helping us focus on the future

Some 17 of our Club members – players/parents and supporters – met down at our Ormond Park pavilion on August 13 to help us plan the way ahead.

An excellent three-hour session facilitated by Club member Mark Madden gave us the chance to focus on what things are important to us as a Club, and helped us set priorities.

Key points which came out of Mark’s excellent and challenging discussion paper which help us define the Moonee Valley Cricket Club are:

We dare to be different.

  • The difference between success and achievement.
  • Differing aspirations and expectations.

We had more than a dozen apologies, so combined with our attendees we were pleased with the level of interest in giving players, parents and members across the whole Club an opportunity to participate in this important exercise.

It was at times challenging, with members having the opportunity to question some of the things we do, why we do them, offer views on our progress in recent years and debate whether we are best meeting the needs and aspirations of our community.

The participants included five life members – so it was gratifying to see such a strong contingent of people who have devoted such a long time to our Club are still vitally interested in where we’re heading.

The session had a critical look at our current Vision and Mission, adapted and refined them and added a list of objectives.

These will be further refined and sent out to our Moonee Valley Cricket Club for further comment.

The session then related elements from the SWOT analysis to the objectives added to the Vision and Mission, and then prioritised the areas we as a Club needed to work on.

Based on these priorities, our challenge is to further boost sponsorship, fundraising and our overall financial position, and to implement a plan to encouragement more people from our wider cricket club community to come forward and volunteer for the tasks needed to ensure we run smoothly.

To see Mark’s discussion paper and agenda, click here.

Charlie Walker.




August 14, 2008
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