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              Darren Dazzler
                           *The big happy crew celebrating Spud's immense achievement.
Above: Joining with Spud after the game were a combination of hitters and memories: Celebrating are (L-R) Liam Curran, Norm Wright (back), Paul Hobbs, Steve Herbert, Ian Denny, Terry "Tex" Nagle (front), Dean Lawson, Brett Curran, Peter Gardiner, Dan Terzini, Darren "Spud" Nagle, Daniel Phillips, John Talone, Jim McKenzie, Mark Gauci, Warwick Nolan, Michael Cumbo and Tony Gleeson.Stout batting defence (stout player)

At right: Spud shows a stout defence - and a stout physique - while his Greenvale opponent is ready for a catch which never came.

*The victorious team shows off the magnitude of the victory on the scoreboard.
The scoreboard tells the tale of the game: A big win to the Valleys.
The winning team (L-R) John Talone, Paul Hobbs, Steve Herbert, Dean Lawson, Liam Curran (front), Darren Nagle with young Jack, Norm Wright, Kevin Gardiner, Ian Denny, Brett Curran and Steven Ball.

*Two legends - Moonee Valley's Darren Nagle and Carlton's Gary Schickerling.

Two cricket legends share a moment during the tea break: Moonee Valley's Darren "Spud" Nagle doffs his cap while acknowledging Carlton CC and Victorian Cricket Association great Gary Schickerling, who attended the game to mark Spud's achievement.

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November 3, 2011
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