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Pictured: Joe Ansaldo (far right) receives the Lindsay Jones Perpetual Shield and his personal plaque from Club founder Ray Storey.

The following is a precis of Club President Charlie Walker's comments when announcing Joe Ansaldo as the winner of the Club's highest award, the Lindsay Jones Best Clubman trophy.


Joe Ansaldo is a bloke who’s had a go at just about everything around the Club. He bats, bowls – does the lot.

He can be quite noticeable on the field – but it’s the things we don’t necessarily notice that he does off the field that are significantly more important to the Club.

He will attend every function that’s organised for the Club – and invariably will have a hand – or even a leading role – in helping to organise or run them. This season’s been no different.

He has never had an official role with junior development, but has been influential in junior development. He’s calm and mild-mannered – but when pushed past his tolerance level he’ll bite back hard.

My first real contact came with him when he was captaining one of our teams, and helping to bring on some of the young players. Boys will be boys. While waiting to bat at Fairbairn Park, they went golf-ball hunting on the end of the adjoining driving range.

The ball boy on his tractor came over. Captain Ansaldo was reasonable. He said he’d ask our boys to give the balls back at once. The ball boy pushed his luck. He pushed it past the captain’s limit.

Our skipper then bluntly told the ball boy that the only way he’d get the balls back would be shoved up his exhaust pipe – and not necessarily the one on the tractor, either. The ball boy jumped on his tractor and scurried away. Murray has still got those golf balls.

Joe Ansaldo is at training at least once a week. Yet Vic Hodge had to ask to point out this bloke who appeared on the team lists each week. I said he was at training – but not out on the track.

Invariably Peter Fenaughty needed a hand in the kitchen, and that’s where you would find Joe. Always helping out. In true Lindsay Jones tradition, he is always helping.

When he’s not playing, you’ll find him in the canteen. Or after the game you’ll find him in the bar – running it, that is; not drinking the profits.

In fact, you don’t often see Joe Ansaldo with a beer in his hand – unless he’s handing it across the bar. But Joe epitomises what the esteemed Lindsay Jones Award is all about, and it’s why he’s the worthy winner of our Club’s highest honor - the 2011/12 Lindsay Jones Best Clubman Award.

Joe Ansaldo is an integral part of running the Melbourne Cup function each year. He’s involved in the Christmas function. He’s served on the Club committee, and got sponsorship up and running. He’ll run the raffle at the drop of a hat.

Joe organised the MVP night for us this year, efficiently and without a concern even after being pitchforked into it at the last minute.

He’s virtually single-handedly organised and run our poker nights, after taking the running and setting the first one up some three years ago. And his contribution to our Club also encompasses his onfield performances.

Everything can be hit to leg. But Joe’s one of only 6 players to play 250 games for Moonee Valley.

It goes without saying that he’s a life member. He’s one of a select group of 23 that has brought up the Triple Crown – 100 games, 1000 runs, 100 wickets.

Joe is a man who loves his cricket – and loves our Club even more.

Let’s give a hand to a deserving winner of the Lindsay Jones Best Clubman Award – our Club’s highest honor and one which epitomises the deeds of someone who goes far above the call of duty to help make us a great Club.

Joe Ansaldo, we salute you!


Club founder Ray Storey spoke after presenting the award to Joe, and pointed out the length of time he has made a valuable contribution to our Club.

In responding, Joe put the challenge on some of the younger members to step up and help in the running of the Club - because the older people are just the custodians, and the next generation needs to come through to ensure that our Club survives and prospers.


April 21, 2012
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