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In the news with Population Health Survey launch at Ormond Park: January 2012 - Page 3


We're going bananas over Moonee Valley's fruit platters
                  *Admiring the healthy fruit platters on offer every weekend at Moonee Valley are (L-R) players Peter Fenaughty, Michael Cumbo, Peter Smith, Colin Sindall (Health Dept), Vic Hodge, Loretta Vaughan (Health Dept), Simon Thornton, Jim Polonidis, Charlie Walker, Zahid Ansari (Health Dept), James Webster, Tien Polonidis, and Nick Webster.

Tucking into a famous MVCC fruit platter in our Ormond Park rooms are L-R Peter Fenaughty, Michael Cumbo, Peter Smith, Colin Sindall (Health Department), coach Vic Hodge, Simon Thornton, Loretta Vaughan (Health Department), Jim Polonidis, Charlie Walker, Zahid Ansari (Health Department),  James Webster, Tien Polonidis and Nick Webster.

“I’m pleased to see that fewer than one in five adults aged 18 years or over were regular smokers in 2009, down from a high of 24.1 per cent in 2001," Minister Davis said.

“The reduction in smoking rates shows that people, when given support, can and do take control of their own health and lifestyle and take positive steps to improve their wellbeing.

“The Victorian Government is using the Prevention Community Model, which is a joint Federal and Victorian program, to encourage people to take steps to improve their health and wellbeing in other areas.”

Enjoying the healthy fruit platters served up for senior afternoon teas every weekend at Moonee Valley are (L-R) MVCC coach Vic Hodge, Tien Polonidis, Health Minister David Davis and Michael Cumbo.Mr Davis said other findings of the survey included:

. Older people were more likely than the young to eat the recommended servings of vegetables – and women were better than men.
. Just 19.1 per cent of Victorian adults abstained from alcohol in the previous 12 months. This comprised 23.6 per cent of women and 14.2 per cent of men.
. Some 20.2 per cent of males smoked daily or occasionally, compared with 17 per cent of females.
. 63.4 per cent of males and females reported sufficient levels of physical activity to meet the national guidelines.
. The proportion of people who were members of a sports group fell from 28.2 per cent in 2003 to 24.8 per cent in 2009.

Enjoying fruit are L-R coach Vic Hodge, Tien Polonidis, Health Minister David Davis and Michael Cumbo.

Mr Davis said the survey showed the majority of Victorian men and women were engaging in sufficient physical activity to achieve a health benefit from their exertions.

“Physical activity and a healthy lifestyle is a major contributor to reducing a range of illnesses and conditions, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, some cancers and obesity,” Mr Davis said.

“Even if it is taken up in middle or later life, physical activity has a protective effect and the health benefits can be built up over time.”

The individual Shire figures are taken from the 2008 survey, which surveyed 34,000 people to prepare individual LGA findings. The 2009 Population Health Survey surveyed more than 7500 people to derive statistics for regions.

Club Vice President Simon Thornton told the media that Moonee Valley's afternoon teas had been regarded for many years as among the best among the local clubs.

He said that past president and life member Laurie Mayne had spoken at the January 28 Club 40th anniversary dinner and said that as far back as the 80s, other clubs always wanted to play at Ormond Park so the players could avail themselves of the wholesome, plentiful afternoon teas.

Simon told the media that Peter Fenaughty goes to Victoria Market every Saturday morning to get the best, freshest fruit and salads for us. And Peter Smith has done a wonderful job of making up the afternoon teas each day.


February 1, 2012
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