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Senior teams this week - March 5 & 6: First teams into finals this week


Week 21 - March 5 & 6

Forthcoming dates: Sunday March 13 - Most Valuable Player awards, Union Hotel, Ascot Vale.
Saturday, May 7 - Presentation Night, North Suburban Club, Moonee Ponds.
3rd Eleven:
March 5 v St Andrews. Round 13. Saturday game. One day game. Players need to be at the ground midday.
Home - Ormond Park, Pattison St, Moonee Ponds.
Mark Cini, Ian Denny, Peter Golding, Luke Malone, Luke Marinelli (right), Darren Nagle, George Pearson (capt), Geoff Smith, Peter Smith, Francis Tran, Stephen Ward.
3rd Eleven:
March 6 v Ascot Vale. Round 11 make-up game. Sunday game. One day game. Players need to be at the ground midday. NO GAME. FORFEIT BY ASCOT VALE.
Home - Ormond Park, Pattison St, Moonee Ponds.
Mark Cini, Peter Golding, Luke Malone, Luke Marinelli, George Pearson (capt - left), Geoff Smith, Peter Smith, Francis Tran, Stephen Ward, Lou Raffaele, Mark Gauci.

4th Eleven:
NWCA Ralph Barron Shield (NWCA Fifth Grade)
February 27 & March 6 v Taylors Lakes. Round 13, Day 2. Sunday game.
Home - Ormond Park, Pattison St, Moonee Ponds.
Steven Ball, Brett Curran (capt - right), Kevin Gardiner, Steve Herbert, Paul Hobbs, Dean Lawson, Mark Madden, Steve Radford, Tony Sherer, Norm Wright, Peter Wright.
OBrienSam07Feb 5cm
5th Eleven:
March 5 v St Albans. Round 12. Saturday game. One-day game. Players need to be at ground by 12.15pm.
Away - Keilor Park Reserve Turf No. 2 oval, Stadium Dve, Keilor Park. Melways Map 15, C 5.
Tom Aitken, Sam Coventry-Poole, Jake de Niese, Ryan Fairclough, Dean Jukic, Tom King, George Loh (co-capt), Vishal Mehta, Sam O'Brien (left), Chris O'Haire, Dino Sapuppo (co-capt).

6th Eleven:
March 5 & 6 v St Andrews. Round 12. Saturday/Sunday game. Players need to be at ground by 12.15pm.
Away - Cole Reserve No. 3 oval, Cumberland Rd, Pascoe Vale. Melways Map 17, B 7.
Michael Cumbo, Jesse Felle, Darcy Horne, Phill King, Andreas Panousieris, Kamal Parmar, John Talone, Stephen Tassos, Pat Taylor, Dan Terzini (capt), James Thorneycroft (right).
7th Eleven:
MMVCA One Day Division 2
March 5 v Socials. Round 17. Saturday game.
Home - Ormond Park, Pattison St, Moonee Ponds.
John Brelis (capt), Nick Brelis, Vishal Chopra, Peter Fenaughty, Tanya McDonald, Daniel McKenzie, Jim McKenzie, Andrew Payton, Pat Russell (left), Bob Sciacchitano, Charlie Walker.  

8th Eleven:
MMVCA One Day Division 3
March 5 v West Coburg. Round 17. Saturday game. Anyone needing a ride to the game should be at Ormond Park 12pm.
Away - Fleming Park, Albert St, East Brunswick. Melways Map 30, A 8.
Ben Coghlan, Paul Comino, Doug Cumming, Tim Fisher (right), Jamie Herring, Peter Legato, Alan Milne, Bryan Milne (capt), Shaun Rayment, Tim Ryan, Peter Whebell.

MartinielloJohn10Mar9th Eleven:
NWCA One Day Red Sunday Grade.
March 6 v Oak Park. Quarter Final. Sunday game. Match starts 1.30pm.
Away - Strathnaver Reserve, Mascoma St, Strathmore Heights. Melways Map 16, E 6.
Allan Cumming, Sid Doriaswamy, Matthew Esmore, Shane Esmore, Dave Hutchison, Kam Kenny-Jones, John Martiniello (left), Kevin Memery, Glenn Perussich, Sunny Sharma (capt), Beau Velona, Nigel Walker.AitkenTom08Sept

First Eleven:
VTCA North Division 1
Season finished.

2nd Eleven:
VTCA North Division 2
Season finished.
Women's Black:
VWCA North & West Division One Day.
Season finished.

Note: Teams - particularly the one-day teams - can be subject to late changes due to last-minute player unavailability and preliminary selection of players to fill holes. Players should re-check the website late on Friday.
Players should either see their captains on selection night or ring them to confirm their availability after teams are posted.

2010/11 coach - Lou Raffaele 0450 181 948
Women's Coach - Jim McKenzie 0409 428 495
Chairman of Selectors - Amit Chaudhary 0425 200 047SharmaSunny2009
First Eleven - Mark Gauci 0430 540 906
Second Eleven - Evan Blythe 0430 415 167
Third Eleven - George Pearson 0424 362 916
Fourth Eleven - Brett Curran 0419 763 347
Fifth Eleven - Co-captain Dino Sapuppo 0409 557 552
                    Co-captain George Loh 0401 741 595
Sixth Eleven - Dan Terzini 0407 341 477KingPhill2007Nov
Seventh Eleven - Simon Payton 0411 509 884
Eighth Eleven - Allan Cumming 0457 110 810
Ninth Eleven - Sunny Sharma - 0400 085 292
Women's Eleven - Clare Ardern 0409 037 411


March 3, 2011
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