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        Sandro & Kimmie's wedding

 SandroWedding2010-Fenaughty 400pix


LEFT: In front of the chapel: L-R: Peter Fenaughty, Phill King's wife Sue Eldridge, Virginia Gardiner, Phill King and Kevin Gardiner.

BELOW: L-R: Kim Simmons, Jodie Talone, Darren Nagle and John Talone.

SandroWedding2010-NaglesTalones 400pix


BELOW: Is Sandro out? The guys from the Moonee Valley Cricket Club appeal - vigorously - for Sandro's wicket.

SandroWedding2010-HappyCricketers 450pix

BELOW: Can you take the lad anywhere? Jim "Stynesy" McKenzie, intent on his phone call outside the reception, didn't notice the change from lawn to pond weed - and so walked straight into the dam! Here he starts to dry off.

SandroWedding2010-Stynesy 300pix

Photo courtesy Samantha Smith.



October 18, 2010
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