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Moonee Valley's SunSmart policy


SunSmart Policy

The health of club members is a key concern for the Moonee Valley Cricket Club.

Australia has the highest rate of skin cancer in the world, with two out of three people experiencing some form of skin cancer during their lifetime. It is acknowledged that skin cancer is a preventable disease and that a preventative strategy including the following actions is being implemented and actively encouraged by the Moonee Valley Cricket Club.

  • Where possible, and within the strictures of the fixtures produced by the local cricket associations, outdoor events and training times are scheduled outside the hours of 11am and 3 pm (daylight savings time).
  • The club maximises the use of natural shade provided from buildings, trees, and other structures.
  • Where natural shade does not exist, the club is seeking to provide portable shade structures for use by officials, spectators and players.
  • Players and supporters are also encouraged to bring their own shade structures to club events if alternative shade is not provided.
  • Moonee Valley encourages and promotes the wearing of sun-protective clothing as part of the uniform or general clothing of players and officials with both adult and junior players.

This includes:

* Shirts or playing tops which have long sleeves and a collar.

* Wide brimmed or legionnaires hats whenever practical, as an alternative to the club cap.

* Sunglasses to protect the eyes.


  • SPF 15+ or higher sunscreens are promoted by the club to players, spectators and officials.
  • Prior to training or playing in peak UV periods, players and participants are encouraged to apply sunscreen to exposed body parts.
  • The club kiosk makes sunscreens available for sale to members and spectators.


  • Moonee Valley will provide skin cancer educational sessions to increase the awareness of this health issue among club members, especially junior players.
  • Newsletters and public announcements are used to maintain awareness of the issue and to prompt sun protective behaviour.
  • Club officials and staff are encouraged to act as suitable SunSmart role models.

Moonee Valley’s sun protective policy will be reviewed annually to ensure that it remains current and practical to the club’s requirements.



June 1, 2005
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