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Click on the link for scores, ladders and other details for teams in each of our competitions.

MVCC logoMoonee Valley 1sts & 2nds - scores and ladders

Moonee Valley 3rds, 4ths, 5ths,  7ths & 8ths - scores and ladders

Moonee Valley juniors and Senior Sixth , Ninth and Tenth Elevens - scores and ladders

Moonee Valley Women's - scores and ladders


 Ace bowler Paul Nicol in action against St Bernards 2003/04If the forward link for the Firsts, Seconds or the Juniors does not open to the Moonee Valley results page, it can be easily reset.

The yellow "Online Cricket Community" bar across the top of the page will show a listing in the right corner as to where it's customised to: e.g. "Customised to Cricket Australia".

If you then click on the "Search" button on the middle of the bar, one of the drop-downs will be for "club, association, grade".

Click on this drop-down. In the "search text" box, type in Moonee Valley then hit the blue "search" button on the screen.

This will bring up both Moonee Valley and Moreland Moonee Valley Cricket Association as options.

Click the "customise" button at the end of the row with Moonee Valley on it, and the site will ask if you want to continue.

Click yes, and the site will then go to our Club details and results.

At right: Ace bowler Paul Nicol in action against St Bernards at Ormond Park - 2nd Eleven, 2003/04.

Click on this link for a map showing the ground locations at Fairbairn Park. For an aerial photo, click here

Our Juniors and three senior teams play in the North West Cricket Association. Click this link to go to the NWCA site.

Link to the Cricket Victoria site.

Link to the Victorian Turf Cricket Association site.

Link to the Moreland Moonee Valley Cricket Association site.




September 2, 2010
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